Scenic shoreline, idyllic downtowns and wide open spaces invigorate play time and inspire professional success within our communities.

According to the Maryland Department of Commerce’s most recent figures, nearly 1/3 of our population within the three counties is between the ages of 20-44. As workers, our residents make their mark in sales, management, service, production and transportation. While half of our labor force commutes out of the county, our influx of world-class businesses, diverse industries and job growth will steadily entice them to stay. Looking ahead, the attraction of millennial workers and residents is an important objective as we secure firms in the areas of medicine, technology and research and development.

Civilian Labor Force

52,581 Cecil County
27,125 Queen Anne’s County
10,308 Kent County

High household income coupled with a low cost of living invigorates homeownership, tax revenue and retail spending. The average US income is $81,283. Here’s how we stack up:

Average Income

$85,903 Cecil County
$78,160 Kent County
$107,343 Queen Anne’s County


Source: Maryland Department of Commerce