Thoughtful growth preserves the rural character of our land and positions our communities for long-term success. As the regional planning and development agency for Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne’s counties since 2003, USRC nurtures the physical, economic and social development of our region. Maryland’s Upper Shore Region features over 1,400 farms and sweeping expanses of forest, field and shoreline. Together with regional, state and federal partners, we balance growth with the preservation of our landscape.

Our commitment to the land—and to economic longevity—fuels our participation in plans and projects impacting our communities. Whether the topic is business recruitment or broadband development, the Council supports initiatives aligning with our regional narrative.


The Upper Shore Regional Council fosters planning and development for Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne’s counties. USRC affords federal, state, county and local governments a regional forum to identify issues and opportunities. We plan and implement programs to improve the quality of life in the Upper Shore Region of Maryland.

Draft Strategic Plan

In Fall 2018, USRC completed a rigorous self-assessment with Thomas C. Tuttle, PhD, President of Tuttle Group International, a thought leader in economic development. Our analysis resulted in a two to three year strategic plan for the Council. Our newly-minted 2019-2022 Strategic Plan details two decisive action plans for the organization, namely:

  1. Enabling and enhancing government, education and business collaboration for economic development in the region;
  2. Expanding and enhancing business retention and growth initiatives in the Upper Shore.

2019–2021 Impact Report

Download the 2019–2021 Impact Report (PDF, 3.4MB)


Please contact the USRC team to learn more about initiatives ahead.


The Upper Shore Regional Council has been a part
of the following regional projects, among others:

  • Public Regional Transportation
  • Small Business Growth and Economic Development
  • Agriculture/Resource-based and Value-Added Industries
  • Maryland Broadband (creation and expansion)

The Upper Shore Regional Council is a part of a
team and network of Regional Councils. There are
5 Regional Councils in Maryland:

  1. Upper Shore Regional Council
  2. Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
  3. Tri-County Council for Western Maryland
  4. Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland
  5. Mid-Shore Regional Council

Since each Regional Council supports three counties, 15 of Maryland’s total 23 counties are represented by Councils.