Getting businesses from Point A to Point B is a collaborative effort on the Upper Shore. The USRC will refer you to the appropriate resources to plot a direct route to success.

Access is Everything

Easy transportation via road, rail, port and sky simplify the journey, keeping you focused on the destination.

Affordable Real Estate

If profitability is your destination, rents and real estate on the Upper Shore offer sophisticated amenities—without the metropolitan markup. Whether you seek a campus-style office park or soaring square footage for manufacturing or headquarters, we have the space to satisfy your vision.

Ahead of the Competition

Our industry landscape is diversifying every day. Ample real estate, workforce talent and a keen business focus inspire industries to up their game on the Upper Shore. Hot industries include:

  • Higher Education
  • Health Care and Medical Services
  • Headquarters
  • Fulfillment
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Research and Development

Agile Workforce

On average, over 80% of residents in Kent, Cecil and Queen Anne’s Counties work in private industry, with over 1/3 holding bachelor’s degrees or higher. Expertise includes:

  • Management in business, arts and sciences
  • Production
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Transportation

On average, just under half of our tri-county population commutes out of their home county for work. The diversification and expansion of area businesses, jobs and transportation strategies will encourage more residents to work where they live.

Partnering with area businesses and higher education, the Upper Shore keeps skills aligned with the needs of local industries. Workforce and entrepreneurial resources include:

Attractive Incentives

Incentives drive investment in every community. Federal, state and local government stimulate business attraction and job growth with a variety of initiatives, including:

Incentive Funds

Queen Anne’s County:

Low-Interest Loans

Cecil County:

Kent County:

Enterprise Zones, Foreign Trade Zones and Opportunity Zones

Cecil County:

Kent County:

Fast-Track Permitting

Cecil County:

Tax Credits


Contact USRC to learn about the resources available to your business.